The Zookeeper's Wife: Three New Clips

Jessica Chastain shines in director Niki Caro's The Zookeeper's Wife.

Strength, Compassion and Craft

With a keen eye for detail and devotion to honoring the memories of those involved, director Niki Caro has created an inspiring, heart-felt look at war. Performances from Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Daniel Brühl and a phenomenal supporting cast elevate Caro's The Zookeeper's Wife to must-see filmmaking.

"What's In Their Hearts"

Antonina [Jessica Chastain] tells of her father's death and the difficult lessons war has brought to understand.

"Jan's Plan"

Jan [Johan Heldenbergh] shares his first thoughts on how he and Antonina [Jessica Chastain] might involve themselves in the resistance.

"Stay Safe"

Antonina [Jessica Chastain] says good-bye to members of her beloved zoo.

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