The Big Lebowski x Brain Dead Collection

The limited-time capsule consists of three T-shirts inspired by the cult classic film, available May 24.

Written, directed, and produced by Joel and Ethan Coen, The Big Lebowski received its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival in 1998, and has since then acquired a cult status. To celebrate the iconic film, Brain Dead is partnering with Focus Features to release a special apparel collection consisting of three T-shirts.

The Big Lebowski x Brain Dead capsule will be available May 24th at 10 AM PT on WEAREBRAINDEAD.COM, as well as at Brain Dead Studios Fairfax and Brain Dead Studios Sunset.

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The Big Lebowski x Brain Dead

The Big Lebowski x Brain Dead

From the Academy Award®-winning Coen Brothers, The Big Lebowski is a hilariously quirky comedy-thriller about bowling, avant-garde art, nihilistic Austrians, and a guy named The Dude.

The film became an obsession for many: hordes of fans crowd movie theaters for celebratory screening while dressing as cosplays of The Dude; a religion—called Dudeism—devoted largely to spreading the philosophy and lifestyle of the film's main character, was founded in 2005; endless books and articles have been published about the movie, and annual festivals dedicated to it are held in multiple cities and countries.

Meet "The Dude" and the Wildly Chill Religion Based on The Big Lebowski | Movie People

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