The Ballad of Wallis


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The Ballad of Wallis Island

In Production

About The Film

Comedy, Drama

The Ballad of Wallis Island follows Charles (Tim Key), an eccentric lottery winner who lives alone on a remote island and dreams of getting his favorite musicians, Mortimer-McGwyer (Carey Mulligan and Tom Basden) back together. His fantasy quickly turns into reality when the bandmates and former lovers accept his invitation to play a private show at his home on Wallis Island. Old tensions resurface as Charles tries desperately to salvage his dream gig.

Tom Basden, Tim Key, Carey Mulligan, Akemnji Ndifornyen, Sian Clifford
Directed By
James Griffiths
Written By
Tom Basden, Tim Key
Produced By
Rupert Majendie, Carey Mulligan, Tom Basden, Tim Key, James Griffiths, Sarah Monteith, Laurence Brown, Stephen Kellier, Yana Georgieva