Sidney Flanigan stars as 'Autumn'

Sidney Flanigan is an actor and musician who hails from Buffalo, New York.  

One of the faces of the burgeoning indie music scene in Buffalo, Sidney has been performing in the western New York area for several years. As a solo artist, Sidney has performed under the monikers "Sid the Kidd" and "Sidney Jeanne" and is known for her acoustic guitar-driven feminist anthems about relationships, inner turmoil and teenage angst, set against the backdrop of life in a blue-collar town. She was also lead singer and front person for the punk fusion group Sus. 

Eliza Hittman's Never Rarely Sometimes Always marks Sidney's feature film acting debut. She was discovered a few years ago by Hittman's longtime editor Scott Cummings while he was in Buffalo researching a film about underground culture in the region.

Sidney is a graduate of the prestigious Buffalo Academy School of Performing Arts, where she was a music major, and she taken acting classes at Buffalo State University. The oldest of three children, Sidney comes from an eclectic, artistic family. Her father was the lead singer of the local rock band The Tosspots, her paternal grandfather was a Bukowski-esque poet, and her maternal grandmother a radical leftist in New York.

Sidney is an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood and has volunteered for the local Buffalo chapter.

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