MTV News wants you to "Meet the Smartest Dog in Hollywood"

Though he'll never win an Oscar, Jumpy the dog is as good an actor as his human costars, and they know it. 

The most talented movie star in America is two and a half feet tall, 7 years old, and 39 pounds. He has brown eyes, a natural black vest and tail, and his pale chest, arms, and legs are dotted with tan freckles. His name is Jumpy.

And he’s a dog.

Human actors tend to specialize in one thing, maybe two. Meryl Streep knows languages, Cate Blanchett emotes, Jackie Chan does flips, Christopher Walken can dance.

But Jumpy does everything. The Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix understands English, Spanish, some German, and numbers. Jumpy skateboards, surfs, dives, twirls, Razor-scooters, rides horses, paints modern art and landscapes, putts golf balls, plays piano, winks, walks on his hind legs, writes his own name, and does parkour. He can do comedies, dramas, kids’ shows, and commercials, where he’s been hired to fake-pee on TVs, synchronized-swim like Esther Williams, and freeze in midair like Keanu Reeves — all without camera tricks. On YouTube, he casually challenged the world record for balloon popping — 54 balloons in 3.3 seconds — leaving the official Guinness title-holder, a Jack Russell, boasting emptily of bursting 100 in 39.08. And if you’re still not impressed, Jumpy can leap 20 feet off the top of a van and, for his climax, walk down a flight of stairs on his front paws.

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