Jumpy as Abbie

Jumpy (Abee) is one of the most well-trained and intelligent dogs on the planet. 

The border collie and blue heeler mix can do back flips, skateboard, leap through the air to impressive heights, dive into the pool, weave through cones, wake board, ride a scooter … and the list goes on and on and on. Video of his impressive stunts has racked up nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube since it was first posted.

The pooch's talents have scored him spots in commercials, music videos, and he has around 30 credits to his name, said his owner Omar von Muller.

Von Muller, a Los Angeles-based professional dog trainer who has been working with Jumpy since he was a puppy, said it takes time to train a dog to perform like Jumpy. "It starts from jumping from a table to a chest, and you work a few yards away and keep stretching the distance," he said. Now Jumpy has mastered a host of tricks; his favorite is skateboarding. "Once he jumps on the skateboard, it's hard to get him off," his owner said.

Jumpy isn't the only pup in the family with talent. Von Muller has seven dogs, including Uggie, the famous Jack Russell from the Oscar-winning flick, The Artist.

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