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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks to Bill Murray & Laura Linney

Focus Features 01.30.2013

In a recent profile, Barbara Vancheri at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks to Laura Linney and Bill Murray about their characters in and the history behind the HYDE PARK ON HUDSON. In the film Murray plays FDR, and Linney, Daisy Suckley, the woman who had a long-term special relationship with Roosevelt. Fascinating consideration. Here's Linney on Suckley:

I think she was very much a woman of her time. I think she was very comfortable in her own skin. I think her needs were few, and I think she felt that she was given an enormous amount, and while she had the relationship that she had with FDR -- however platonic or nonplatonic it was -- she was completely happy and satisfied with that and needed no attention for it.