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Cinematical on In Bruges

Focus Features 04.22.2010

Over at Cinematical, they run a great little series of articles called "Scenes We Love," and the latest movie featured is writer-director Martin McDonagh's In Bruges, released by Focus Features in 2008.

Here's Alison Nastasi on the movie:

Martin McDonagh's In Bruges was one of my favorite films of 2008 – which is impressive because I knew next to nothing about it before seeing it. It's a tale of two gangsters, Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (Colin Farrell) exiled to Bruges. Ray's a brazen hitman whose latest job went south. Ken is his mentor and as such is responsible for babysitting him in the tranquil town while their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) decides the best course of action.

You can read the entire article here.