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Channing Tatum to LA Times: "insane what these guys did"

Focus Features 02.10.2011

In the Los Angeles Times, Steven Zeitchik speaks with Channing Tatum for his jokingly titled profile, “The Eagle: Channing Tatum knows he’s ‘never going to be the best actor’ Zeitchik reviews his past, growing up in Alabama and getting his break in a Ricky Martin video, before discussing how he prepped for this role. Zeitchick explains:

To help him prepare for The Eagle, director Kevin Macdonald gave Tatum the diary of a warring Roman leader. The actor dutifully read it all. “I never would have lasted two seconds back then. Not a day,” he said, his face breaking out in a trademark tentative grin as he recalled the reading experience. “It’s just insane what these guys did. You can’t imagine. It’s insane…”