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In Bruges's McDonagh Heads to Broadway

Focus Features 08.13.2009

Via Variety comes news that Martin McDonagh, the acclaimed playwright, Academy Award winner and writer- director of Focus Features' 2008 film In Bruges, is to return to Broadway with a new play. It's a four-hander called, funnily enough, A Behanding in Spokane, and is the first of McDonagh's works to be set Stateside. According to Variety, the plot is about "a guy on the lookout for his missing appendage, two con artists and a hotel clerk."

The cast being touted to appear are Chris Rock, Sam Rockwell and Zoe Kazan - plus an as yet unnamed fourth actor. (With the actors names, there will inevitably be jokes about the production "Rock"-ing.) The director will be John Crowley, an accomplished helmer on both screen and stage, and the production is due to open in March 2010.