Other Music and The Limits of Control

Audiences watching Jim Jarmusch's latest film, The Limits of Control, will hear on the soundtrack flamenco music, a lovely Schubert adagio, and a dance-floor hit from LCD Soundsystem, but one group of tracks may, for some viewers, be a bit more unfamiliar. For many of the cues, Jarmusch has drawn from the work of a collection of bands specializing in a beautifully slow, heavy, deeply atmospheric and texturally rich guitar-based sound, a rock and roll subgenre that has as much to do with contemporary experimental as it does to today's popular music. Many of these bands hail from the label Southern Lord, whose founders, Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley, themselves compromise the group Sunn O))) who, along with Boris and Earth, are featured in the movie.

To learn more about this music sometimes called "doom metal," FilmInFocus visited New York's Other Music, a record store and online shop specializing in the new, unusual, and aurally exciting, and bought some CDs.

The Limits of Control soundtrack is out now on Lakeshore Records. Thanks to Southern Lord and Other Music.

The Limits of Control

Directed by Jim Jarmusch