Asher Miles Fallica as Jonah

Asher Miles Fallica was born in Los Angeles to two professional, working actors. At the age of four, Asher began to express interest in the world of acting so his parents allowed him to audition for a commercial and a couple television shows to see how he liked it. Much to his parent's surprise, Asher booked his first three auditions and was now a working actor who had booked a commercial and two television shows. His natural ability, raw talent and instincts were being recognized by industry professionals so Asher’s parents allowed him to continue auditioning as long as he was having fun. The next audition that came along for Asher was for Tully, to play Charlize Theron's son, Jonah, a challenging role to tackle at the very young age of five. Tully marks Asher's feature film debut. 

Asher has since been busy filming two other films, Driven with Judy Greer and Jason Sudeikis and The Last Full Measure with Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Plummer. He was also recently seen on Netflix’s hit show, “Ozark” opposite Jason Bateman playing a Young Jonah. 

When not filming, Asher resides with his parents and younger brother in the Southeast. 

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Official Trailer: Tully

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