Iddo Goldberg as Maurycy Fraenkel

A native of Haifa, Iddo Goldberg has established himself as an actor around the world and in multiple mediums.

Filmgoers have seen him in Edward Zwick’s Defiance, which as with The Zookeeper’s Wife, explore real-life WWII resistance heroes; Woody Allen’s Match Point; Florian Henckel Von Donnsersmarck’s The Tourist; Cédric Klapisch’s L’auberge espanole (The Spanish Apartment); Alexis Dos Santos’ Unmade Beds; and Omid Nooshin’s Last Passenger, among other movies. He next stars with Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried in the new film from writer/director Andrew Niccol, Anon.

Television viewers know Mr. Goldberg from his starring roles as Isaac on Salem, the supernatural thriller which ran for three seasons, and as Ben on Secret Diary of a Call Girl, the romantic drama which ran for four seasons; and as a guest star on Peaky Blinders. He has also had guest appearances on Supergirl and NCIS.

His notable telefilms include two that, as with The Zookeeper’s Wife, illuminate true stories of Polish activists during WWII: Jon Avnet’s Uprising and John Kent Harrison’s The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, a.k.a. Miss Irena’s Children.

Mr. Goldberg’s stage work includes starring in Steven Berkoff’s Hampstead New End Theatre production of Sit and Shiver; Nigel Townsend’s production of Pig in the Middle; and Angus Jackson’s Edinburgh Lyceum/Birmingham Repertory production of The Prayer Room.

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