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Luis Tosar
Luis Tosar


Spanish actor Luis Tosar is a two-time Goya Award winner, for his performances in Fernando Léon’s Mondays in the Sun (opposite Javier Bardem) and Icíar Bollaín’s Take My Eyes (opposite Laia Marull). For the latter film, he was also named Best Actor at the San Sebastián and Seattle International Film Festivals, among other honors. He was earlier a Goya Award nominee for his work in Mr. Bollaín’s Flowers from Another World.

His other features include José Manuel Quiroga’s El Último peldaño, which he co-produced; Joaquín Oristrell’s Inconscientes; Enrique Otero’s O Apóstolo; Michael Mann’s Miami Vice, also with Isaach De Bankolé; Manolo Gutiérrez Aragón’s Visionarios and Your Next Life, for which he received a European Film Award nomination; Clive Gordon’s Cargo; Agustín Díaz Yanes’ Don’t Tempt Me (a.k.a. No News from God); Álex de la Iglesia’s La Comunidad; Vicente Aranda’s Jealousy; and Antón Reixa’s The Carpenter’s Pencil and the telefilms Mareas Vivas and Xabaxira del Xabarín Club.

Mr. Tosar wrote, produced and starred in the short film As Xoias de Señora Bianconero.

His stage work includes productions of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Lino Braxe; Tennesse Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, staged by Agustín Alezzo; and Francis Veber’s The Dinner Game, directed by Paco Mir.