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Boris came together in the early 1990s, when the timing was ripe for an experimental rock band in Japan. Each member of the four-piece had been playing in other acts, so Boris was assembled in order to have these members interact.

The music scene in the band’s Tokyo home base allowed for a free exchange of thought and ideas. Their acknowledged influences include The Melvins and Earth, as sonic templates. In 1996, Boris released its first full-length album, Absolutego, which would quickly lead to more records, including collaborations with Japanese noise artist Merzbow and American-based drone-metal guitar duo Sunn O))). The latter album is 2006’s Altar (a.k.a. Alter), and is available in America through Southern Lord Recordings, which has also reissued several of the band’s albums.

When billed as BORIS, they have performed and recorded such albums as Pink in a heavy rock tenor. When billed as boris, the works have been more experimental ambient soundscapes, including the album Feedbacker. The selections curated for The Limits of Control draw from both incarnations.

2008 found Boris playing for the first time as a four-piece in live formation, with the addition of (Ghost) guitarist Michio Kurihara (with whom the band collaborated in 2006 on Rainbow). The group’s latest album is Smile, which melds the buzzsaw guitar and rhythmic drone-like experimentation of the band’s back catalogue into a fresh, distinctive, song-oriented presentation.

The members of Boris have created a design/promotional group called Fangsanalsatan, through which they produce their own album and promotional artwork, as well as for other bands in Japan.