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As writers and critics look backwards over the year that was, Annette Bening is getting much deserved attention for her talent, most notably as revealed in her performance in Lisa Cholodencko’s The Kids Are All Right. In this Sunday’s New York Times, Constance Rosenblum’s profile “Hedda Gabler to Medea to Frazzled Mom” takes a look at Ms. Benings multi-faceted career from stage actress to film star to busy mom. Clearly her range of characters is remarkable, but even more so is the way that audiences continually connect to her characters, be they sweet or a tad sour. As Bening relates, her performance as Nic proves the point:

So many people, in fact many straight couples, have said, ‘Oh my God, that’s just like me and my husband, and we were laughing about it.’ One woman told me her husband now says, ‘You’re doing a Nic’ whenever she tells the kids to write the thank-you notes or whatever.