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Julie Berghoff

Production Designer

Julie Berghoff began her film career building models for a special effects company in Chicago. That led her to art-directing and designing the acclaimed stop-motion-animated television series The PJs, starring and produced by Eddie Murphy.

She then segued into working on television commercials and music videos, collaborating with such notable directors as Herb Ritts, Jared Hess, and David LaChapelle.

Ms. Berghoff’s first feature as production designer was James Wan’s sleeper smash Saw. Her work on the unique horror thriller established the template for the visual aesthetic of all of the subsequent films in the hit series. She reteamed with the director on his films Dead Silence and Death Sentence, starring Kevin Bacon. Among her other features as production designer is Laurence Malkin’s Five Fingers, starring Laurence Fishburne and Ryan Phillippe.