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The Hollow Crown

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Based on the works of William Shakespeare.

From executive producer Sam Mendes comes THE HOLLOW CROWN, stunning adaptations of four of Shakespeare's most treasured plays featuring all-star casts.

RICHARD II (Ben Whishaw, Skyfall), tells the classic story of murder and revenge that led to the fall of England's royal house of Plantagenet. HENRY IV, PART 1 follows King Henry IV (Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons) and his son Prince Hal through war and competition for the throne, whereas HENRY IV, PART 2 follows the transfer of power from King Henry IV to his son Hal amidst a growing rebellion. And finally in HENRY V, the young King (Tom Hiddleston of The Avengers) must overcome incredible odds and his own self-doubt when he decides to invade France.

  • Rupert Goold, Richard Eyre, Thea Sharrock