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Check out our Videos page for "The Fight", "What Happened To My Father?" and more video clips from The Eagle
timeline The Bloody, Bloody Legion of the Ninth
Our interactive time line that follows the legendary Roman legion of the Ninth from start to disappearance.
Inside Our Movies Beyond The Known World: The Landscape Of The Eagle
The Eagle showcases some of the most stunning landscapes to be found in Scotland. The following slideshow reveals where the areas actually exist.
Inside Our Movies Fight Like Channing Tatum (Online): A Short, Bloody History of Roman War Games
As The Eagle’s battle scenes demonstrate, the Roman Army was one of history’s most effective war machines. Legions of gamers, both in board games and online, have tried to emulate them.
video Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell Suit Up for Battle
Academy-Award winning Costume Designer Michael O’Connor and others explain how the costumes of Esca (Jamie Bell) and Aquila (Channing Tatum) tell a story all their own.
video Fighting Roman Style
The Romans were the most accomplished army of the ancient world. The advisors to The Eagle explain how.
Inside Our Movies Rome, the Eternal Story: From Ben Hur to The Eagle
The Eagle explores a part of ancient Roman history rarely seen on stage. But the history of Rome changes throughout history as well.
people in film Train Like Tatum

In an exclusive from the set of The Eagle, FilmInFocus publishes the training schedule of the movie’s star, Channing Tatum.

people in film Channing Tatum

The star of The Eagle’s physical and emotional career.

people in film Jamie Bell

Meet Jamie Bell, the British actor who stars in two Focus Features releases for 2011, Kevin Macdonald’s The Eagle and Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre.

In 2nd-Century Britain, two men – master and slave – venture beyond the edge of the known world on a dangerous and obsessive quest that will push them beyond the boundaries of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, deceit and heroism…The Roman epic adventure The Eagle is directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Duncan Kenworthy. Jeremy Brock has adapted the screenplay from Rosemary Sutcliff’s classic novel The Eagle of the Ninth.
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