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Full Metal Cuirass
Inside Our Movies Full Metal Cuirass, And Other War Gear From The Eagle
In creating the world of The Eagle, the costume and production designers paid attention to every little detail, from masks to make up.
Bloody, Bloody Legion of the Ninth
timeline The Bloody, Bloody Legion of the Ninth
Our interactive time line that follows the legendary Roman legion of the Ninth from start to disappearance.
Kevin Macdonald on the set of The Eagle
Inside Our Movies Journey Beyond the Edge of the Known World: Making The Eagle
Production notes from the movie The Eagle, a Focus Features release
Lochaber Area
Inside Our Movies Beyond The Known World: The Landscape Of The Eagle
The Eagle showcases some of the most stunning landscapes to be found in Scotland. The following slideshow reveals where the areas actually exist.
Tahar Rahim in The Eagle
people in film Tahar Rahim: A Prince Among Actors
After gaining universal acclaim for his part in Un prophète, Tahar Rahim goes primitive as the Seal Prince in The Eagle.
Slide 11: Spartacus (1960) and the Return of the Opressed
Inside Our Movies Rome, the Eternal Story: From Ben Hur to The Eagle
The Eagle explores a part of ancient Roman history rarely seen on stage. But the history of Rome changes throughout history as well.
Slide 1: Fight Like Channing Tatum (Online) - A Short, Bloody History Of Roman War Games
Inside Our Movies Fight Like Channing Tatum (Online): A Short, Bloody History of Roman War Games
As The Eagle’s battle scenes demonstrate, the Roman Army was one of history’s most effective war machines. Legions of gamers, both in board games and online, have tried to emulate them.
Channing Tatum | His Body of Work
people in film Channing Tatum

The star of The Eagle’s physical and emotional career.

People in Film Jamie Bell
people in film Jamie Bell

Meet Jamie Bell, the British actor who stars in two Focus Features releases for 2011, Kevin Macdonald’s The Eagle and Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre.

Channing Tatum
people in film Train Like Tatum

In an exclusive from the set of The Eagle, FilmInFocus publishes the training schedule of the movie’s star, Channing Tatum.

Kevin Macdonald | A Real Film Legacy
people in film Kevin Macdonald

The Eagle director Kevin Macdonald, whether doing historical epics or Oscar-winning documentaries, has a keen sense of what is real.

Donald Sutherland | The Eagle's Elder Statesman
people in film Donald Sutherland
Since the 1970s, Donald Sutherland has created carefully crafted and unique cinematic characters.
Slide 1: Roman/Celt
Inside Our Movies Needing the One You Hate: Frenemies from Casablanca to The Eagle

Esca, the Celtic Slave, and Aquila, the Roman master, may appear an unlikely team in The Eagle, but the plot of enemies turned friends is a classic cinematic trope.

The Eagle from The Eagle
Inside Our Movies What is the Meaning of the Eagle?
How the military standard of the Eagle defined Roman power.
Duncan Kenworthy on the set of The Eagle
people in film Duncan Kenworthy: From Staging Muppets to Scottish Moors
From children’s television to an epic based on a favorite childhood novel, producer Duncan Kenworthy has done it all.
Anthony Dod Mantle | Making The Eagle Visually Real
people in film Anthony Dod Mantle
Academy-Award wining cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle captured the visceral reality of the fight in Kevin MacDonald’s The Eagle. But his own career has been more journey than struggle.
Ben Hur
Inside Our Movies Tom Holland's Ancient World
As a primer for The Eagle, an award-winning historian gives us a list of top ten ancient films.
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