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Amy J. Kaufman

Executive Producer

Amy J. Kaufman began her career as a producer of music and arts documentaries spotlighting such performers as Yo-Yo Ma, Mark Morris, and Max Roach. She segued into film as a line producer of the music-themed 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, directed by François Girard and starring Colm Feore. The film which received international acclaim and won Canadian Genie Awards (Canada’s equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

Since then, she has produced Norman René’s Reckless, starring Mia Farrow, Scott Glenn, and Mary-Louise Parker; John Duigan’s Lawn Dogs, starring Sam Rockwell and Mischa Barton; Paul Auster’s Lulu on the Bridge, starring Mira Sorvino, Harvey Keitel, and Vanessa Redgrave; and Paul Schrader’s Forever Mine, starring Joseph Fiennes, Ray Liotta, and Gretchen Mol. In addition, she executive-produced Jon Sherman’s I’m with Lucy and co-produced Peter Chelsom’s Serendipity.