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In Boston.com, Lynda Gorov talks with Sam Worthington, one of the stars of John Madden's thriller THE DEBT. Among other things Worthington talks about how Madden sold him on the idea of the film, even before having seen a script. In the film, Worthington plays one of a trio of Mossad agents sent to East Germany in the 60s to extricate a Nazi war criminal. But his interest in the film was about the overarching ideas.

It was never about the thrill of hunting down a war criminal. We always talked about it like holding water in your hand. It's kind of a hard task to do, something so simple, but it just keeps dripping, dripping. That's what's happening with these guys. They're trying to keep their lives together but this simple act of not being totally honest ripples through their whole lives...I like that idea that we all have secrets that we harbor, baggage we don't want to let out, and the more you don't confront those demons, the bigger and more intrusive they get.



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