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In New York Magazine's culture blog, Vulture, Brett Smiley talks with THE DEBT star Helen Mirren about her part in the film, not doing Krav Maga, and, of course, her fabulous looks. Most interesting are her points about sharing the character of Rachel Singer with Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain, who not only shares certain characteristics [with me] but who looks like me. There couldn't be an exact match, that person doesn't exist, but there's a physical resemblance. So, we discussed how we could find a connection. She studied me, and got a feeling of how I was when I was younger, and approached her work with a dedication that was like me when I was her age. And she did an incredible job. And I took the totality of her performance. Everything I do is based on her and her look. People use their imagination, they know I'm not Jessica Chastain, they know I'm not Israeli, but the audience goes along with it.



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