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Eitan Evan

Eitan Evan is a graduate of economics and international relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as a graduate of the International Film School in London.

A long list of film projects and extensive service – head of the Producer’s Guild, member of the Israeli Film Fund as well as the Israeli Academy for Motion Pictures and Television – has situated Mr. Evan as a leader in the Israeli film industry. At the 2004 Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles, he was honored with an award for Special Contribution to Israeli Cinema. 

He produced The Summer of Aviya, directed by Eli Cohen, which won the Silver Bear Award at the 1989 Berlin International Film Festival and is regarded as a classic of Israeli cinema. Mr. Evan reteamed with the director on Under the Domim Tree, which won the Wolgin Award at the 1995 Jerusalem Film Festival and won the Artistic Excellence Award at the 1996 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

He produced writer/director Shemi Zarhin’s Dangerous Acts, which won seven Israeli Academy Awards, and the duo reteamed on Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi. The second film was an even bigger success than the first, receiving a commercial release in theatres in the U.S, France, Singapore, and other countries. It also won several awards at film festivals globally. The pair’s most recent film together, Aviva, My Love, won six Israeli Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director; and was one of Israel’s top grossers of 2006.

Among Mr. Evan’s many other productions are The Philharmonic in Japan, which he also directed; Moshé Mizrahi’s Every Time We Say Goodbye, starring Tom Hanks; Ilan Moshenson’s The Wooden Gun; Nadav Levitan’s An Intimate Story; Nitza Gonen’s Family Secrets; Ze’ev Revach’s Mister Leon; and Oded Davidoff’s Clean Sweep, which won two Israeli Academy Awards.

His most recent films as producer are Ha-Hov [The Debt], directed by Assaf Bernstein, which was the basis for The Debt and which was nominated for four Israeli Academy Awards; and Lynn Roth’s The Little Traitor, adapted from the Amos Oz novel and starring Alfred Molina and Theodore Bikel. His production company, Evanstone Films, is based in Tel Aviv.

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