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people in film Helen Mirren
From playing a conflicted ex-Mossad agent in The Debt to the Queen of England, Helen Mirren pushes her craft. But rather than rest on her laurels, this grand dame of theater and cinema is, as fortune predicted, just reaching her prime.
people in film Jessica Chastain
With two award-winning films at the Cannes Film Festival, and a major role in The Debt, 2011 is proving to be the year of Jessica Chastain. But she’s been hard at work for years to make this moment happen.
Inside Our Movies Focus Features' Special Screening of The Debt in New York City
Join The Debt stars Jessica Chastain and Helen Mirren, as well as director John Madden, at the film's special screening at New York City's Tribeca Grand Hotel on August 22nd, 2011.
VIDEOS The Debt Videos
Watch the featurette about the relationship triangle at the center of The Debt, as well as clips, tv spots and more videos.
people in film Sam Worthington

From his rambling youth in Australia to his skyrocketed rise to fame after being cast in Avatar, Sam Worthington has been a man of action and emotion. In John Madden’s thriller The Debt, Worthington showcases all parts of his acting talent to play the conflicted Mossad agent David.

people in film Tom Wilkinson
While Tom Wilkinson may have originally intended to be a farmer, when he turned to acting, he worked just as hard to cultivate his craft. As such, audiences have reaped the rewards of his performances from stage to TV to films.
Inside Our Movies The Hunt for Nazis: The Real-Life Captures That Inspired The Debt
John Madden’s THE DEBT tells the tale of a trio of Mossad agents who hunted down a wanted Nazi war criminal. We explore the stories of the many real-life Nazi war criminals who went into hiding after the war, and the people who tracked them down to bring them to justice.
Inside Our Movies The Debt’s Cast: Two Generations of Talent Spring To Action

Director John Madden had to find two dynamic actors for each of his three main characters––one to play a young Mossad agent, then another to play that same character 30 years later. Then once cast, the actors had to contend with their other half.

Inside Our Movies Making History Breathe: Creating the World of The Debt

Director John Madden, production designer Jim Clay and teams of craftspeople ingeniously reconstructed Cold-War East Berlin, one set at a time.

Inside Our Movies A Thriller Knows No Borders: The Making of The Debt

The Debt is adapted from an Israeli box office hit Ha-Hov. In keeping the story true to its roots while opening it up for a larger audience, the filmmakers have crafted a truly international thriller.

people in film John Madden
Since the 90s, director John Madden has been known for bringing historical dramas to life, like his Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love. But whether directing police or period pieces, he managers to capture powerful performances, as he does in The Debt.
Video Watch the Trailer
Watch the trailer for The Debt, a Focus Features release.
Movie City East Berlin, the Movie

From the 1948 spy movie Berlin Express to John Madden’s 2011 thriller The Debt, East Berlin has been a film destination for intrigue, espionage, and political tension. We take a look at how this European capital has changed in the decades since Berlin was divided after the end of World War II.

Inside Our Movies Déjà vu

In adapting the Israeli thriller Ha-Hov into The Debt, John Madden enters the cinematic tradition of remaking foreign language films for English-speaking audiences. We look at some of the best foreign language adaptations, from transforming Kurosawa into an American western to popularizing Japanese horror.

Even the best secret agents carry a debt from a past mission. Rachel Singer must now face up to hers… Filmed on location in Tel Aviv, the U.K., and Budapest, the espionage thriller The Debt is directed by Academy Award nominee John Madden (Shakespeare in Love). The screenplay, by Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman and Peter Straughan, is adapted from the 2007 Israeli film Ha-Hov [The Debt]. At the 2011 Beaune International Thriller Film Festival, The Debt was honored with the Special Police [Jury] Prize.
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