Claudia Puig_USA Today
Claudia Puig
"in a special category near perfection."

"A masterwork of suspense, romance and political intrigue. That it offers passion, betrayal, gorgeous cinematography, social commentary, stellar performances and clever wit puts it in a special category near perfection. The movie has an epic feel that could make it a best-picture Oscar contender and result in nominations for several actors. The chemistry between Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz is palpable, and their fiery love story is all the more moving as it is set against the vibrant backdrop of the African countryside."

Bill Diehl_ABC Radio Network
Bill Diehl
"A gripping, thrilling morality tale."

"Four stars for The Constant Gardener. A gripping, thrilling morality tale. Ralph Fiennes delivers an Oscar caliber performance. A film that will stay with you long after it's ended. It's one of the best films of the year."

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper_Ebert and Roeper
Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper

"Two thumbs way up."

Roger Ebert_Ebert and Roeper
Roger Ebert
"very, very, very alive."

"A thriller, a love story…and a terrific movie. It's also very, very, very alive. The key is the combination of the John le Carré story and the brilliant direction of Fernando Meirelles. One of the places it might go is the Academy Awards this year."

Richard Roeper_Ebert and Roeper
Richard Roeper
"it's a great film."


"Ralph Fiennes as the center of this movie, it's such a complex performance. Beautifully photographed, some stunning shots. Rachel Weisz, very good as well. And it is a complex story and it's the kind of thing where afterward, you really want to think about this movie and talk about it. And I appreciate it more in the days after I saw it and I thought more about how everything came together in the flashbacks."

Leonard Maltin_ET
Leonard Maltin
"Passionate filmmaking of the highest order"

"Passionate filmmaking of the highest order… Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz are terrific together in this artful film that combines the best elements of a political thriller and a love story."

Gene Shalit_The Today Show
Gene Shalit
"Rachel Weisz is exemplary"

"Rachel Weisz is exemplary – piercingly strident, perilously outspoken, even descending to dissembling. The Constant Gardener is fertile soil for the politically afflicted, and for those outraged by liars in government and scoundrels in multinational corporations."