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Donald Ranvaud

Executive Producer

Donald Ranvaud is one of the founders of Buena Onda Films, a sales agent and production company which is working with The Constant Gardener director Fernando Meirelles and producer Simon Channing Williams, among other filmmakers.

Buena Onda's current slate includes a wealth of projects all over the globe, many showcasing new filmmaking talent. Among these features, all to be produced by Mr. Ranvaud, are Paul Castro's Rainbow Black, to star Shirley MacLaine; Beniamo Catena's The Sinai Man, to star Fabrizio Bentivoglio; and Julie Delpy's Tell Me, to star Ethan Hawke and Adam Goldberg.

A former university professor, Mr. Ranvaud founded the independent film magazine Framework in 1975, editing it until 1988. During that time, he also freelanced for other publications; directed documentaries and co-directed a feature, Visioni Private; and segued into producing with Atom Egoyan's Speaking Parts (as executive producer) and other features.

In 1989, he joined Renee Goddard in starting the European SCRIPT Fund (part of the MEDIA Program of the Commission of the European Community). As the 1990s began, he embarked on production full-time with two memorable features from director Chen Kaige, Life on a String and the multi-award-winning Farewell My Concubine.

Working with Latin American filmmakers and in Brazil, Mr. Ranvaud has since produced a number of features, including Karim Ainouz' Madame Satã.

He executive-produced Walter Salles' Central Station, which won the top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival and received a host of other honors, including a Golden Globe Award; and was co-producer of Fernando Meirelles' City of God, which earned four Academy Award nominations.