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George Clooney
Inside Our Movies Dressing George Clooney: Costume Designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb on The American

Scott Macaulay talks to Suttirat Anne Larlarb, the costume designer on The American, about her approach to creating a sartorial palette for the new George Clooney movie.

George Clooney
people in film George Clooney

From early TV spots to anchoring feature films, George Clooney has slowly emerged as one of the world’s most determined––and desired––movie stars.

Anton Corbijn, Truly Blessed
people in film Anton Corbijn

From making videos for U2 to a feature film about Joy Division to a thriller with George Clooney, Anton Corbijn expands his creative sphere.

Anton Corbijn on the set of his new movie, The American
Inside Our Movies On the Record: Anton Corbijn's Album Art

In anticipation of the release of the George Clooney hitman movie The American, Nick Dawson looks at the famous record covers shot by the film’s director, Anton Corbijn.

The Cuisine of Abruzzo
Inside Our Movies The Cuisine of Abruzzo

With the help of some Italian foodies, we look deep into The American to see what George Clooney’s character might be eating at an Abruzzo restaurant.

George Clooney
Inside Our Movies Death Becomes Him: A Movie Hitman History

In anticipation of the release of The American, Scott Macaulay considers the genre of hitman movies.

George Clooney and Violante Placido
Inside Our Movies After the Quake: The American and Abruzzo

Nick Dawson looks at how the presence of The American in Abruzzo made a big difference to the secluded Italian region after it was rocked by a massive earthquake.

The American
Inside Our Movies The American: About The Production

Production notes from the movie The American, directed by Anton Corbijn.

Director Anton Corbijn
Inside Our Movies Anton Corbijn Interview

In this article from the Fall 2007 issue of Filmmaker magazine, The American's Anton Corbijn talks about his creative process.

Inside Our Movies Rome's Cinema City: Cinecittà

While The American was shot in Abruzzo, many other American productions chose the famous studio outside Rome.

Slide 2: Greta Garbo - The Swedish Goddess
Inside Our Movies Straight From Europe: The Next Great Hollywood Beauty

Anton Corbijn’s The American will give Americans the chance to discover two European actress: Italy’s Violante Placido and Dutch actress Thekla Reuten. They are only the latest in a string of European discoveries.

Slide 1: Introduction
Inside Our Movies When in Rome: Movies from the Italian Capital

As part of Movie City Rome, Nick Dawson takes a trip through cinema history and examines the different ways filmmakers have portrayed the Italian capital on the big screen.