Richard Roeper and Dave Karger, Guest Critic_Ebert & Roeper
Richard Roeper and Dave Karger, Guest Critic, Ebert & Roeper

"Two thumbs up®."

Owen Gleiberman_Entertainment Weekly
Owen Gleiberman
"Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor are marvelous."

EW Critics Pick. Grade: A-! Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor are marvelous. Cheadle's got a shoot your mouth off first and apologize later ferocity that's Richard Pryoresque. Ejiofor is magnetic."

Claudia Puig_USA Today
Claudia Puig
"An engrossing and entertaining film!"

"An engrossing and entertaining film! Speaks powerfully to audiences with its potent blend of extraordinary performances and engaging soundtrack. Artfully fuses broad comedy with drama. Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor, two of the most versatile actors working in films, are mesmerizing. Two of the best performances of the year."

Joanne Kaufman_Wall Street Journal
Joanne Kaufman

"Don Cheadle is wonderful."

A.O. Scott_New York Times
A.O. Scott
"funny, earnest, affectionate"

"A funny, earnest, affectionate new film. Don Cheadle is as engaging and resourceful as ever. As portrayed by Mr. Cheadle, Petey Greene is a person of quick wit and tender heart. A movie that offers uplift without phoniness."

Jack Mathews_NY Daily News
Jack Mathews
"Taraji P. Henson is hilarious."

"Don Cheadle catches lightening in a bottle. The role of fast-talking deejay Petey Greene is served up to him like one of those center-cut slow pitches knocked out of the park at a Home Run Derby. He is a great actor who has always seemed on the verge of cutting loose, and in Talk To Me, he does. He gives one of the year's most fully realized performances. Taraji P. Henson is hilarious. She is a revelation."

Roger Ebert_Chicago Sun Times
Roger Ebert
"Don Cheadle gives a fascinating performance."

"3.5 stars! The movie begins with a whirlpool of comedy and manic energy, and then grows, as it must, more serious and introspective. Don Cheadle gives a fascinating performance. He takes flight here. Picture by picture, he is showing us he can do just about anything. A superb actor."