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I sometimes forget just how fixated Demetri Martin is with wordplay, and that when he first rose to prominence long palindrome poems and the like were a integral part of his charmingly geeky routine, and that "jokes" were not nearly so prominent.

However, this morning I was reminded about all that when I stumbled across Demetri's rather fun little game Taking Woodstock, the upcoming Ang Lee movie he stars in, which he created for Time Out New York website.

Here he explains the rules of the game, and its inspiration:

"I was thinking about Woodstock and the film, and I realized that you can describe parts of both using pairs of homophones. An example of a set of homophones is pear pair. You can fill in the blanks below with pairs of homophones, if you want."

So, head to the Time Out's online home to play the game.

Warning: some of them are tough!