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Movie City | San Francisco, California


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Inside San Francisco, California

575 Castro St.


MILK 575 Castro St

Director Jenni Olson's film employs archival recordings of Harvey Milk predicting his own assassination.

On the Set of Milk


On the Set of Milk

Reenactment of the 1977 gay rights march in San Francisco on the set of Focus Features film Milk.

Over to the Dark Side - LEADPHOTO

Inside Our Movies

Over to the Dark Side

A conversation with Nathaniel Rich on San Francisco noir.

Milk campaign poster

Inside Our Movies

Harvey Milk Lives

FilmInFocus visits the set of Gus Van Sant's Milk.


Why is San Francisco So Gay?

Joel Bleifuss finds out how and when San Francisco became an LGBT mecca.

New York’s Firehouse

Movie Music

Milk Marched to a Disco Beat

Joshua Gamson looks at how Disco changed San Francisco.

Harvey Milk

Inside Our Movies

Podcast: Out of the Bars and into the Streets

Walk through the streets of San Francisco with Harvey Milk with this special audio tour.

James Stewart in Vertigo

Movie City

Caveh Takes the Vertigo Tour

Caveh Zahedi finds two points of view on the Vertigo tour.

The Website by the Bay: Making Medicine for Melancholy - LEADPHOTO

Tech and Trends

The Website by the Bay: Making Medicine for Melancholy

Using the internet to put a film together.

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