What Would Katie and Lauren Wear?

Playing Dress Up with Katie and Lauren

In FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…, Katie (Ari Graynor) and Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) are fashion icons of a sort. Each defines themselves by their sassy, slinky and sometimes sweet sartorial choices. For costume designer Maya Lieberman, their wild wardrobe is a tour de force of floral and animal prints, stripes and stars, ruffles and stretch. We so loved the two ladies’ get ups, we asked Ms. Lieberman to work with the filmmakers and come up with a whole new wardrobe for our gals that would fit each perfectly in a series of new situations. Think of this as our very own FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…. dress-up picture book.

At the Laundromat: Lauren

Lauren wears this wispy white jumper because it's the last week to wear white before Fall arrives. And the stars match her signature star necklace perfectly!

This Indah Flounce Romper can be found at shopbop.

At the Laundromat: Katie

Katie wears this easy romper because it's sexy and all her other clothes are dirty!

You can find her Pins and Needles Silky Open Back Romper at Urban Outfitters.

At the Grocery Store: Lauren

Lauren wears this preppy frock. It's important to look your best even at the grocery store!

This Bocce Court Dress comes from ModCloth.

At the Grocery Store: Katie

Katie wears these denim overalls to the grocery store as she plans on fixing her bicycle afterwards.

Siwy’s Sasha Slouchy Overalls can be found at Shopbop.

Shopping on Fifth Avenue: Lauren

Lauren wears a pretty floral frock. With this outfit, she will fit in and won't embarrass her mother's friends if she runs into them at Bergdorf's

Lauren’s classy Glamour Power to You Dress in Woodland Garden can be found at ModCloth.

Shopping on Fifth Avenue: Katie

Katie wears this animal print jumpsuit. Her version of sophisticated glamour. She's always wanted to have her “Pretty Woman” shopping moment.

You can find this Haute Hippie zebra-print Halter Jumpsuit at Shopbob.

On a First Date: Lauren

What would Lauren pick for a first date? Lauren wears this sweet striped dress because stripes are safe! They say I'm fun but not too much fun.

Lauren’s Tracy Reese Bronze Sage Dress can be found at ModCloth.

On a First Date: Katie

On a first date, Katie would wear this sexy red and black floral print dress with its body conscious shape to show off her sexy curves. And it looks like something Sophia Loren might wear!

This striking Kimchi Blue Strappy Seamed Midi Dress can be found at Urban Outfitters.

On a Fifth Date: Lauren

On a fifth date, Lauren wears this elegant white dress, which has subtle bridal undertones. Hmmm.

The StyleStalker Cafe Flora Dress can be found at Shopbop.

On a Fifth Date: Katie

Katie wears this strapless leopard print dress. Perhaps tonight will be the night!

This Tripp NYC Strapless Fitted Leopard Print Dress can be found at Urban Outfitters.

At a Sex Club: Lauren

Even at a sex club, Lauren would keep it classy and a bit buttoned up. But the leather screams SEX!

This Gucci Belted Leather Pencil Skirt can be found at Net-a-Porter.

At a Sex Club: Katie

Katie is in her element in a hot leather jumpsuit that is part S&M and part ‘80s chic.

This zippered leather jumpsuit can be found at Leather Icon.

At the Beach: Lauren

Lauren keeps it nautical and nice in this striped patriotic two-piece suit.

This Deauville Striped Midkini Top can be found at Ralph Lauren.

At the Beach: Katie

Katie is all vintage in this ‘40s-style bikini inspired by her grandmother's honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta.

This Room and Diving Board two-piece suit can be found at ModCloth.

At the Prom: Lauren

Lauren was inspired by the pink Vivienne Westwood Oscar gown Kate Winslet wore the year she was nominated for Sense and Sensibility! Pink and preppy. She had it knocked off by a dressmaker.

At the Prom: Katie
Katie's hero at the time was Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt years. She went to prom with her cousin in a version of this!

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