Taking Woodstock Red Carpet: July 29, 2009, NYC

Slide 1: The Premiere
New York’s premiere of Taking Woodstock. It rained just like at the concert.
Slide 2: The Director
Taking Woodstock's director Ang Lee.
Slide 3: The Star
The star of Taking Woodstock, Demetri Martin.
Slide 4: The Producer/Screenwriter
The producer and screenwriter of Taking Woodstock, James Schamus.
Slide 6: The Co-Star
Taking Woodstock's Emile Hirsch finds his inner hippie.
Slide 7: The Real-Life Inspiration
Elliot Tiber, whose real life story is told in Taking Woodstock.
Slide 8: Trapped
Emile Hisrch trapped by the Media
Slide 9: The Promoter
Michael Lang.
Slide 10: Un-cross-dressed
Taking Woodstock's Liev Schreiber (without a dress).
Slide 11: "Chip Munck" and Friend
Taking Woodstock's Will Janovitz.
Slide 12: Broadway on Houston
Broadway's Cheyenne Jackson.
Slide 13: Fashion First
Fashion designer Anna Sui.
Slide 14: Hippie Whip
Transport à la Taking Woodstock.

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