Somewhere Red Carpet

Slide 1: The Somewhere Premiere

On Tuesday, December 7, LA’s hip crowd gathered at the ArcLight theater in Hollywood for the premiere of Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere. This was not the film’s world premiere––that happened in September at the Venice Film Festival where Somewhere won the Golden Lion award. But since the film takes place in Los Angeles, this screening was a real homecoming for filmmakers and fans alike.

Slide 2: Sofia Coppola

The event, which was sponsored by Louis Vuitton, was a mix of film and fashion folk, all here to pay respect to Ms. Coppola (who, of course, wore Vuitton).

Slide 3: Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff, who plays Johnny Marco, a successful, if slightly lost, movie star, was on hand and not a bit lost.

Slide 4: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning, who plays Cleo Marco, Johnny’s daughter, was luminous on the red carpet.

Slide 5: Chris Pontius

Chris Pontius, who plays one of Johnny Marco’s best friends, was all laughs and jokes on the red carpet, especially when it came to explaining the difference between working with Sofia Coppola and Johnny Knoxville.

Slide 6: Roman Coppola

Roman Coppola, an accomplished filmmaker in his own right, stepped up to produce his sister Sofia’s film.

Slide 7: Michelle Monaghan

Michelle Monaghan, who shows up in Somewhere, showed up Tuesday night in a ruffled Lanvin Resort 2011 mini dress.

Slide 8: Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper, who plays Dorff’s agent in Somewhere, is well known for her part on in the NBC comedy “The Office.” Having recently moved to LA, she lives by the Chateau Marmont, the hotel in which the film is set.

Slide 9: The Shannon Twins

The beautiful twins, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, showed up on the red carpet, but can also be seen in Somewhere exhibiting their athletic prowess. Tennis anyone?

Slide 10: Geoffroy van Raemdonck

With Louis Vuitton hosting the evening, Geoffroy van Raemdonck, acting president of Louis Vuitton North America, was present to gush about Sofia’s talent both as a filmmaker and a handbag designer.

Slide 11: Mario Testino

Photographer Mario Testino is better known for being behind the camera, but he showed up to support Sofia. He also just shot Stephen Dorff for the cover of V Man.

Slide 12: Chloë Sevigny

Actress Chloë Sevigny came out to support Somewhere, and, being a fashion designer herself, was right in style.

Slide 13: Sofia and Elle

The director and star on the red carpet.

Slide 14: Léa Seydoux

Up-and-coming French actress Léa Seydoux was on hand wearing vintage Vuitton.

Slide 15: Sofia and the After-Party

Sofia and her cast & crew eventually made it into the theater. Afterward, guests headed to the Chateau Marmont, the place where the film was set, for a special premiere party.


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