Sexy Priests from I Confess to Thirst

Slide 1: From Thirst to Lust
In Park Chan-wook's Thirst, a priest (Song Kang-ho), infected with vampirism, strays further and further from his calling until he enters into a sexual relationship with a married woman (Kim Ok-bin). The character of a priest was specifically chosen. Park explains, "I wanted to find the highest place of where a person is at his most holy, at his most earnest - and make him fall from that position."
Slide 2: Hitchcock's clerical tease
While priests appear often in film, they tend more towards the spiritual than the seductive. But even when a father stays true to his vow of celibacy, the film can suggest otherwise. In Alfred Hitchcock's 1953 thriller I Confess, Montgomery Clift plays a priest accused of murder. But the poor cleric can't clear his good name because the real murderer confessed to him in the sanctity of the confessional. While Clift's character keeps chaste in the eyes of God, the Warner Brothers' marketing team had no problem exploiting the actor's sultry good looks for maximum erotic tingle. The poster pushed the message: "A shame confessed––a sin concealed! This is love with the brand of Hitchcock burned in!"
Slide 3: The Priest as forbidden fruit
Léon Morin, Priest, adapted by Jean-Pierre Melville from an autobiographical tome, recounts how one lusty communist atheist during the occupation found her faith when her priest said, "No." But with Jean-Paul Belmondo, still hot from his breakneck performance in Breathless, playing the man in the confessional, it's easy to understand how one might want to follow this good shepherd.
Slide 4: Daddy Dearest
In later films, the all-too-human-flesh of priests was made real. Frank Perry, who'd just directed Mommy Dearest, turned to dear fathers in his 1982 Monsignor, casting Christopher Reeve (still bulging from his Superman film) as an American priest corrupted in Rome. In addition to being part of a bank fraud scheme, Reeve takes off his clerical robes to get naked with Genevieve Bujold. As the tagline reads: "Forgive me, Father for I have sinned. I have killed for my Country, I have stolen for my Church, I have loved a Woman, and I am a Priest."
Slide 5: Man Tempted
British director Antonia Bird's 1994 Priest set off holy wars both in Britain and the United States. The director stated, "My intention in Priest was to expose religious hypocrisy, to expose the deep intolerance not only in the Catholic church, but in society as a whole." In the films, a priest (Linus Roache) wrestles with his conscience about breaking the seal of the confessional in order to stop a father from molesting his teenage daughter. But the good father is also wresting with himself, and other men. When he begins to fall for a trick (Robert Carlyle), the priest wonders how he can continue to be a man of the cloth when all he wants to do is get the clothes off his man. As he laments at one point, "I look at Christ on the cross, and all I see is a naked man. Temptation." The Catholic League lamented the fact that Miramax released the film in America on Good Friday.
Slide 6: A Mexican Miracle
While the Church looks disapprovingly on such lusty clerics, their attempts to control these images more often than not backfire. In Carlos Carrera's 2002 potboiler The Crime of Padre Amaro, Gael Garcia Bernal plays an ambitious priest who's sent to a new parish only to discover its church is a hotbed of illegal activity (from clerical sex to drug dealing). But rather than turn the other cheek the cute young father falls in love (and lust) with a charming local girl. Loosely adapted from 1875 Portuguese novel of the same name, the film became a firestorm of controversy with the Mexican Catholic officials demanding global ban of the film. Strangely their prohibitions fell on deaf ears, as audience flocked to the movie, making it Mexico's highest grossing film of all time.
Slide 7: Bad Habits
Of course, not all sexualized priests cause controversy. Some just get laughs. Richard Gabai, the creative force behind such straight-to-video classics as Virgin High and Midnight Tease II, produced, directed and starred in the 1991 comedy Hot Under The Collar. The plot? Gabai plays Jerry Kaminski, a fellow who dresses up as a priest in order to lure his hot girl friend back after she has been hypnotized into joining a convent. Unholy high jinx ensues.
Slide 8: Into the Friar
Generally speaking sexy priests are rare in television, appearing mostly as the punch line--"Oh my God, er Gosh! How was I to know he was a priest?!"--in a sitcom plot about untethered female desire. But in Sex and the City, that punch line drives the plot of "The Agony and the 'Ex'-tasy." When quartet's resident vixen Samantha runs into her own hot priest--whom she immediately dubs "Friar Fuck"--she bumps into the wall of celibacy. Even after she donates a can of peas to his food drive, the good father (played by Costas Mandylor) only has eyes for God.
Slide 9: The God-Father
In the 1999 episode of "The Sopranos" called "College", Carmela has a crisis of faith (among other things) when her priest Father Phil Intintola (Paul Schulze) visits her. He claims to be hungry for her ziti, but she’s hungry for something more than pasta. While nothing happened, the thoughts linger on. She confesses to him the next morning, "Of all the fanook [queer] priests in the world, why did I have to get the one’s who’s straight?"
Slide 10: A Good Father is Hard to Find
Despite sexy priests seeming to be everywhere, connoisseurs of the genre, like I. M. Cupnjava, a female writer of (homo)erotica, confess to a lack of good stories. On her blog, Cupnjava writes, "there are several problems associated with having a priest fetish. First, it's DAMN hard to find good priest erotica." In the heated debate that followed, one commenter noted, "I was really surprised when I started looking for religious erotica online and couldn't find any good stuff. It's hard to find any at all, and the little I found was all really trashy. The whole allure of innocence/purity is destroyed if he's a gross, depraved, sadistic old wretch. I want them young, beautiful, and sincere...Good to know I'm not the only one out there with a thing for a guy in a roman collar!"
Slide 11: Not in My Church
While confession is good for the soul, it can be disastrous for those with priest fetishes. SEC lawyer by day/gay erotica publisher by night Scott Pomfret captured his special love for the church in his book Since My Last Confession, with such real-life characters as "Father Bear Daddy the gay priest with the hot account." Unfortunately St. Anthony Shrine in Boston (where Pomfret was a lay lector) was not as enthusiastic about his literary license." The executive director, the Rev. David Convertino, explained to The Boston Globe, "There were people who felt it was incompatible for someone to stand up publicly and say, 'I'm a pornographer, and I'm a lector at St. Anthony Shrine.' "
Slide 12: Porn for the Masses
Priest fetish finds in ultimate manifestation in holy porn. Brad Armstrong's 2003 Falling From Grace about a priest being pursued by a former flame captured the fine line for the clergy between befriending a lay parishioner and just laying them. Winner of numerous 2003 Adult Video awards, Falling From Grace was listed in the AVN's 500 Greatest Adult Films of All Time with the observation, "Superb couples fare with a thought-provoking ending that at times seems more like a real mainstream drama than a porn flick."
Slide 13: Sweet Fantasies
When Italian gelato maker Antonio Federici decided to break into the English ice cream market, he may have also broken a few commandments.  His "temptation" series featuring a nun and priest with tag lines like "submit to temptation" and "kiss temptation" were intended to whet the public's appetite for Federici's gelato. But they also they fired up a sense of outrage and desire. While some magazines refused to run the ads, and British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was called in to determine if any blasphemy rules have been broken, public demand turned the images into must-see web spots.
Slide 14: A Real Cutié
Not all sexy priests are imaginary.  In May 2009, Miami's Father Alberto Cutié (which is actually pronounced "koo-tee-ay") found himself the center of community scandal when the Mexican gossip rag TVnotas posted 25 photos of the father caught on the beach kissing, fondling and even reaching his hand down the bathing suit of an unnamed female companion. Previously the photogenic priest had been the host of popular TV and radio show as well as the man behind of the frequently trafficked While father Cutié was shown the door of the Catholic church, he found a future as an Episcopalian priest and the husband of Ruhama Canellis, his previous mystery gal.
Slide 15: YMCA
When in 2004 photographer Piero Pazzi captured the youthful beauty of 12 Vatican priests for Calendario Romano, many were shocked. Pazzi snapped, claiming, "The priests are young and good looking, but that doesn't make them sex symbols. That depends on the imagination of the viewer." When the calendar began selling out in gay bookstores, and the images were popping up on gay web sites, it was clear what many were imagining.

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