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End Of The World Bucket Lists

The filmmakers of SEEKING A FRIEND share their final to-do lists

Steve Carell
1. Design a collection of astroid resistant sportswear.
2. Buy Buckets
3. Eat a deep dish pizza. Then eat another one.
4. See Titanic in 3D
5. Climb every mountain
6. Fjord every stream
7. Go to new Cirque du Soleil show
8. Learn Spanish. "Porque me encanta nachos!"
9. Give away half my money, spend other half on whores
10. Get my wife something nice
Keira Knightley

1. Dance... a lot...
2. Drink margaritas continuously until death.
3. Learn to speak French and live in Paris for a bit, preferably before knowing the world's going to end.
4. Go to as many festivals as possible on a tour bus.
5. Body boarding with Charlie in a very rocky beach in North Devon. You know the one.
6. Drink cider at Pibs old house in the sunshine. Breton cider, very dry.
7. Eat in all the best restaurants in the world with my favourite food lover (you are invited to all other pre-dying events.)
8. Have that party in the wood.
9. Dance
10. Reform the Thursday club. All members invited.
11. Hire an old wooden fishing boat and sail round the Greek Islands with previously mentioned food lover.
12. Drink margaritas. Dance.

Lorene Scafaria
1. Swim with sharks outside of Los Angeles.
2. Buy some driving gloves and road trip the Indy 500.
3. Take Mom to the Grove one last time and ask them to make it fake snow.
4. Ask the remaining members of the Beatles, the Walker Brothers and the Grateful Dead to perform in my backyard.
5. Have everyone over for one last party, pool temp set to h-e-double hockey sticks.
6. Write a good old-fashioned letter to my childhood best friend and tell her how much I love her.
7. Hit the batting cages.
8. Breakfast all day!
9. Watch guilty pleasure romantic comedies on a loop.
10. Sing in front of people without getting butterflies.
11. Take the dogs on a walk to remember.
12. Find DeNiro and make a quick short.
13. Band practice in my neighbor's parking spot.
14. Have a "hanger fight" with my brother.
15. Take a quick jaunt to Machu Picchu.
16. And if there's time, find the one that got away, or meet somebody new.
Rob Corddry
1. Outlaw skydiving.
2. Eradicate annoying terms from the current vernacular, including "It is what it is", "my bad", "ridonkulous", and "bucket list".
3. Eat a live puppy.
4. Justifiable homicide.
5. Jump out of a plane
6. Get Keira Knightley to fall in love with me, grow old with her, retire and move to Florida, live in The Villages™ and drive His and Hers golf carts to the Town Square for happy hour and line-dancing. Hold her hand when she dies while showing her pictures from our 50th Anniversary Wedding Cruise with the family and whispering her her favorite sonnets (#130, she finds it "daft but unflinchingly earnest"), bury her in our shared plot and finally go tackle that list of stuff I wanted to do before I died!
Melanie Lynskey
1. Eat at The French Laundry
2. Live in Italy for a few months
3. Have an otter sanctuary in my garden
4. Have a garden big enough for an otter sanctuary
5. Rent a house for a summer with all my siblings
6. Write a book of short stories
Gillian Jacobs
1. Eat at every Michelin Three starred restaurant in the world
2. Visit every species of Penguin in their natural habitat
3. Take Richard Simmons' exercise class
4. Learn to love camping and camp in Yellowstone National Park
5. Work as a New York City cabbie for a day.
6. Get over my fear of singing in public and do karaoke.
7. Visit a Zen Monastery and attempt silence for a week
8. Eat Cinnamon ice cream until I feel sick
9. Get over my fear of heights and visit the tallest building in the world.
10. Pet a snake
Patton Oswalt
1. See The Bucket List.
2. Establish the "never attended a One Direction concert" world record.
3. Do a push-up.
4. Do a sit-up.
5. Learn to read.
T.J. Miller
1. I want to go swimming with the Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins.
2. I want to climb Everest. She is a girl with a weird mountain name from grade school. I don't want anything sexual, just climbing a woman person.
3. I want to see the Pyramids. Not the Egyptian ones, the pyramid schemes everyone is making tons of money on! I'm always left out!
4. I want to read the great novels: 50 Shades of Grey, The Divinci Code, That Dragon Tattoo One, The Hunger Games...
5. I want to help the homeless: I've been waiting to do that my whole life.
6. I want to learn to speak Chinese. Or at least say "Dirty Penis Party" in Chinese.
7. I want to have my own ice cream flavor. I'll call it: "Vanilla."
8. I want to give all my belongs away except my bike, my tv, my clothes... basically I'll keep everything but my "Nirvana" T-Shirt and the garbage in the kitchen.
9. I want to learn to walk backwards on a tight rope. If there is no tight rope, I can use any surface.
10. I want to see the 7 wonders of the world, which I think are all in Dayton, Ohio. I've never been.
11. I want to be the Survivor on Survivor, Win The Amazing Race, win the American Idol and British X Factor, be The Voice, be The Last Comic standing, and be Kim Kardashian's husband for 73 minutes. Or I would settle for throwing an ice cream cone at Kim Kardashian. It would be my flavor. "Vanilla."
12. I want to live free or die trying. I'll wait until I die for the not living free thing.

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