A Serious Man NYC Premiere

Slide 1: The Actor in Profile
The serious man himself, Michael Stuhlbarg, on the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theatre, which held the gala premiere of the Coen’s movie for the Friars Club Comedy Festival.
Slide 2: Serious Smiles
Cast members Richard Kind, Amy Landecker, Michael Stuhlbarg and Fred Melamed pose with Joel and Ethan Coen outside the Ziegfeld.
Slide 3: The Coens in Focus
The writer-directors of A Serious Man are flanked by Focus Features’ CEO James Schamus and President Andrew Karpen.
Slide 4: Is That a Dybbuk?
Actor Fyvush Finkel, who plays the supposed “dybbuk” (see our A Serious Man glossary) in the prologue of the film.
Slide 5: Dapper As Ever
Focus Features’ James Schamus turns up for the Friars Club event sporting a trademark bowtie.
Slide 6: Sam the Man
Sam Mendes, who directed Away We Go for Focus Features earlier this year and is now working on Netherland for the studio, also turned up to catch the Coens’ latest.
Slide 7: Seeing A New Side to Mrs. Gopnik
Actress Sari Lennick, who is much younger than her character in the movie, Judith Gopnik, adds some glamour to the proceedings.

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