9 Premieres in Russia

Slide 1: Timur Arrives

At the 9 premiere held at Moscow’s “October” multiplex, Russia’s most commercially successful director, Timur Bekmambetov – the producer of Shane Acker’s post-apocalyptic animation – was the main draw for Muscovite movie fans.

Slide 2: Ooh, a Different Poster!

On show at the event was the artwork for the movie’s Russian release, including one poster that, um, unfortunately seems to have been torn...

Slide 3: Access All Areas

Caption: Attendees to the premiere proudly showed off their super-snazzy laminated passes and special invitations. (Note the exquisite stitching on the latter!)

Slide 4: A Very Appropriate Shirt

Timur Bekmambetov turned up wearing a shirt featuring some crazy stitchwork that fit in perfectly with the handsewn look of 9.

Slide 5: I Recognize Those Little Sack Figures...

The more eagle-eyed invitees at the premiere caught sight of the true stars of 9 who were seen "hanging out" (as it were...) in a special V.I.P. area.


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