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Pete Woodhead


Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead contributed compositions to the second season of Spaced.

Daniel and Pete are two of the members of cult electronica outfit The Sons Of Silence, whose name is inspired by the composer John Cage. The name notwithstanding, they have been making noises for nearly 10 years. The group’s recorded material includes the CDs Silence FM, Spring Forward: Fall Back, Back on Your Heads, and Spoke. The latter is a live recording of a concert that used the sound of three upturned bicycles as the sound source. They have performed concerts in unusual locations all over Europe, including a Viennese Underground station and a Warsaw pie factory.

Together, they have scored TV shows for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and MTV; have created music from the sounds of Sydney Harbour for an installation in the Museum of New South Wales, Australia; and have recently embarked on their first venture into Contemporary Dance, composing a full-length work for London’s Ricochet Dance Company