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Nira Park


After running the U.K. production company The Comic Strip for many years, Nira Park left in 1995 to set up her own production company, Big Talk Productions.

In the decade since, she has produced numerous comedy/drama and documentary programs, both through her own company and as a freelance producer. In addition, she has collaborated with Damien Hirst on nearly all of his multimedia works.

In creative collaboration with Shaun of the Dead’s Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, among others, she produced both series of the BAFTA, Montreux, British Comedy and International Emmy Award-nominated television comedy Spaced.

Nira produced all three series of the BAFTA Award-winning television comedy Black Books (which also won the Bronze Rose at Montreux and was nominated for three British Comedy Awards), starring and co-written by Dylan Moran of Shaun of the Dead.

Continuing these successful working relationships, Nira is reuniting with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on a new series for Channel 4, as well as developing new film projects with Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.