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Zene Baker

Zene Baker’s most recent feature as film editor was 50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine, also for Mandate Pictures. The movie was written by Will Reiser, who won the National Board of Review award for his screenplay and was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award.

Mr. Baker also recently edited the short film Mia, which aired as part of the telefilm Five. The short, directed by Jennifer Aniston and written by Wendy West, starred Patricia Clarkson in the title role.

He first came to industry attention for editing several features directed by David Gordon Green: the award-winning George Washington, All the Real Girls, and Undertow.

Mr. Baker’s subsequent movies as editor included Jody Hill’s The Foot Fist Way and Observe and Report; Jason Matzner’s Dreamland, starring Agnes Bruckner and Kelli Garner; David Ross’ The Babysitters, starring Katherine Waterston; and John Krasinski’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

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