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Peter saw his first movie when he was just a little boy, and has never gotten over that experience.

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Posted December 18, 2009 to photo album "My Photos"

This is a new folder of my images

Living Room
Guest Bed
As the Globes Turn Image
In New York (Times) Image
The Future is Now Image
Boffo Bafta Image
Hamlet 2 2 B Image
Christopher Hampton in the Soup Image
A Good Day to Be Black? Image
Remembering Derek Image
Cyborg Nation Image
Jenni Olson's Milk Route Image
Click to Bruges Image
The Way of All Fleischer Image
Even Films Started Small Image
Schamus on the dear cost of London Image
A De Luxe Miss Pettigrew Image
Adams and Pace Speak Up Image
Man in Black Image
What Nice Jewish Boys! Image
Almost a Brother Image
Say Hello Good-bye Image
Herzog: All Over the Map Image
Movie Culture: Palestine Image
Poehler in All Directions Image
Not Made in China Image
Roasted Schamus Image
Hell No, I Won't Go! Image
Bruges Speaks Image
Coraline Takes the Stage Image
Finding Woodstock Image
Getting Lean Image
On The List Image
Love, Always Image
Got Milk? Image
Indiewire no longer Independent Image
Documentary for the Defense Image
Classical Geek Image
Manny Farber, 1917 - 2008 Image
Toronto Day One Image
Toronto Day Two Image
Toronto Day Three Image
Toronto Day Four Image
Toronto Day Five Image
Burn After Reading Number One Image
On The Set of Coraline Image
Jun Ichikawa, 1948 - 2008 Image
Fall is for Film Image
Five Picked for Focus' Africa First Program Image
Movie City: Manhattan Image
Woodstock Lives Image
Two People Watch a Record 57 films in NYC Image
Michael Moore - Still a Hot Political Target Image
Brigitte Lacombe photographs Behind the Scenes of Taking Woodstock Image
Sin Nombre report on IndieWIRE Image
Wall Street all Over Again Image
James Franco on OUT Image
In Bruges and Hunger Lead Brit Indie Awards Image
Tempest in a Milk cup Image
Sundance Under Attack? Image
Taking Woodstock Feeds Live Stock Image
Blog: MILK + LOVE = COURAGE (Campaign) Image
Blog: LA Times on Harvey Milk School Image
Critics argue the merit and meaning of snark Image
Six Films That Almost Weren't Image
2001's HAL turns 17 Today Image
Film World stops for Obama Today. Image
Belladonna reports on Porn in 3D Image
Interactive Inauguration Photo Image
Tadahiro Uesugi's illustrations for Coraline Image
Exclusive Coraline Videos Image
Coraline stories on the web Image
Dustin Lance Black Wins WGA Paul Selvin Award Image
Vanity Fair, NY Times Profile Penn Image
25 Most Conservative Films Image
After the Oscars, Milk resonates Image
Sean Penn's Milk Suit Being Auctioned for Charity Image
Jim Jarmusch Returns Image
Setting the Soundtrack Straight Image
Can't Stop the Music Videos Image
Cary Fukunaga in indieWIRE, LA Times, NY Times, WSJ Image
First takes of  Thirst and Taking Woodsock at Cannes Image
JoBlo Goes for Away We Go Image
Taking Woodstock, Broadway Un-Bound Image
Untitled Focus Comedy in Production Image
FIlmInFocus now Twitters - to make you work better Image
Kim Masters on Slashing Hollywood Salaries Image
Rolling Stone unfurls Taking Woodstock poster Image
Film Critic Glenn Kenny on David Foster Wallace Image
Limits of Control 2-CD Soundtrack on iTunes April 28 Image
Sofia Coppola gets Somewhere with Focus Image
James Franco on Sin Nombre director Cary Joji Fukunaga Image
Focus Features International picks up World For new Mike Leigh Film Image
NY TIMES: John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph are
Amy Taubin decodes The Limits of Control Image
Life, Inc, the movie Image
John and Maya twitter on Away We Go Image
C'mon Scare Me, asks security expert Image
Exclusive Away We Go Clips at Moviefone Image
Wall Street Journal on Focus at Cannes Image
The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Park Chan-wook Image
Gentleman prefers Clooney Image
Ang & James via AP Image
Eagle of the Ninth takes flight at Cannes Image
Countdown to 9 Image
Focus marries Ole Borndedal to The Husband Image
The 9 Scientist on Facebook Image
#10 Most Creative: James Schamus Image
Eggers and Vida at IFC.COM Image
Away We Go TV  Appearances. Image
Sin Nombre Wins a "Most Original" Trailer Image
Meet the Seamstress from 9 Image
BeatCrave on Away We Go music Image
Sixth Grader fights for Harvey Milk Image
Two Key Art Awards for Focus Image
Doc Filmmaker and Translator's Iranian Ordeal Image
Away We Go with a Dad Image
Thirst trailer premieres on IGN Image
Maya Rudolph in Entertainment Weekly Image
Demetri Martin, One of  LA TIMES
Zhang Yimou remakes the Coen Brothers Image
Liev Schreiber: Ang Lee Likes My Legs Image
Screen's Mike Goodridge talks to Sam Mendes Image
Sin Nombre's prize in Edinburgh Image
Behold The 9 Image
Away We Go and DOMA Image
Scientist Rates Movie Scientists Image
Dennis Lim on taboos in gay film Image
Mike Jones on the Economy of Film Writing Image
Scott Macaulay follows up on Film Writing Image
Stuntmen on Movie Stunts Image
Marketing Thirst's Blood Lust Image
Old Movies, New Marketing Image
Sundance and YouTube Image
Woodstock Snaps Image When machines go bad Image
Sin Nombre--The New Western? Image
UGO unlocks the Digicode of 9 Image
A Hunger for Thirst at Comic-Con Image
A Pony Shoe for 9 Image
9 Pieces to Go Image
LACMA Stops Showing Movies Image
Apple launches A Serious Man Image
Salon chats with Thirst's Park Chan-wook Image
NY Times: Ang Lee Series Image
LA TIMES: A Serious Trailer Image
Amy Taubin "thrilled" by Thirst Image
Park Chan-wook takes Vertigo Image
Budd Schulberg dies at 95 Image
Time: Vampires are better Image
A NY Times
People Get Ready Image
Huff Post: Ang Talks Woodstock Image
Taking Woodstock Press Pile Up Image
Ray Kurzweil looks to the future of 9 Image
Ang Lee talks wtih Liev Schreiber in Interview Image
What is it about the 60s? Image
Ebert on
DreadCentral and new 9 Drawings Image
Ang Lee on Stephen Colbert --Whew! Image
Tom DeLay at Woodstock? Image
NY TIMES: Taking Woodstock made with Woodstock Groove Image
Huff Po Podcast with Ang Lee Image
Planning a
James Schamus in The Onion Image
DUH! Pirate Radio's Tom Sturridge in Teen Vogue Image
The Nine Days till 9 Image
Dave Letterman in Taking Woodstock Image
Filmmakers and Critics Under Attack Image
LA TIMES on 9 Image
Toronto Film Festival Day One: Growing Up Female Image
Toronto Day 2: The Men Image
Toronto Day 3: Reality and its Discontents Image
Toronto Day 4: Up in a fish tank Image
A Jewlicious contest for A Serious Man Image
Friars Fest Gets Serious Image
Keeping the Faith with the Coens Image
The Future of Independent Film Now Image
Not a pubic wig––it's a "merkin" Image
The Mysterious Coens Image
A Serious Mensch at JDate Image
Michael Stuhlbarg in USA Today Image
Radio London's Mary Payne fact checks Pirate Radio article Image
The Prodigal Son Returns to Boston Image
What does a moviegoer look like? Image
Film Talk Pod cast on Filmmaker Mag Image
Pirate Radio's Tom Sturridge in Vogue Image
Where have all the Babies gone? Image
EW's Owen Gleiberman on the Coens and Jefferson Airplane Image
Alert! Coen Brothers on Charlie Rose Tonight Image
Focus's Schamus' Anti-Keynote Address in London Image
Variety names Michael Stuhlbarg an
FilmInFocus Podcast: Michael Stuhlbarg Image
FilmInFocus Podcast: Sari Lennick Image
Pirate Radio Sightings Image
Pirate Radio Boards Yahoo Movies Image
Pirate Radio Sails On Image
PIrate Radio meets DJs Image
Focus Features 2010 Slate Image
Cast of It's Kind of a Funny Story Image
Ang Lee and James Schamus remember Woodstock Image
Greenberg Trailer up on Apple Image
Coraline Sits at Children's Table Image
Coraline Gets 10 Annie Nominations Image
Sin Nombre wins DC Critics Award Image
Focus to bring Fela to the screen Image
EW Best of the Decade List Image
Why Stop-Motion Animation is Hot Image
Two Focus Features Films Make Moviefone's Top 10 Trailer List Image
Coraline, A Serious Man on AFI Top 10, plus Critics Choice Image
Eternal Sunshine is NY Magazine's Movie of the Decade Image
A Serious Man, Coraline get Golden Globe nods Image
The Carpetbagger meets Michael Stuhlbarg Image
091229_Carter Burwell
Ray Kurzweil looks to the future of 9 Image

Ray Kurzweil looks to the future of 9 Image