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WSJ Discovers "The World of Wes Anderson"

Posted May 24, 2012


At the Wall Street Journal, Michael Specter's piece "The World of Wes Anderson" provides a very in-depth interview with MOONRISE KINGDOM's director about how and why he makes films. From how Anderson decided to become a filmmaker to the creative process in bringing a story to screen, the interview provides a fascinating look into the creative mind of one of film's most fascinating figures. There is also a great slide show illustrating Anderson's process. He explains that he first wanted to become an architect, only moving into film in college. But an architect's sense of style, order and structure is clearly present in his work. As he explains in his use of storyboards, "Once the script is finished, I have always done little storyboards--I have found over the years that I make more mistakes if I don't plan it out."