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Untitled Focus Comedy in Production

Posted April 02, 2009

Untitled Focus Comedy in Production Image

Focus announced today a new comedy from writer/director Noah Baumbach (whose previous drama/comedy The Squid and the Whale was nominated for a best original screenplay Academy Award). The untitled film stars Ben Stiller playing a New Yorker with a mid-life crisis who moves to Los Angeles to house-sit for his brother, and finds his heart moved by an unexpected relationship with his brother’s assistant (Greta Gerwig of Hannah Takes the Stairs). The initial story came from Jennifer Jason Leigh who is producing the film with Academy-Award winning producer Scott Rudin. Focus CEO James Schamus notes, “This script has the hallmarks of Noah’s best work, and then some; heart and soul interlaced with biting wit. Filmgoers worldwide will find themselves emotionally engaged by and with these splendidly realized characters.” Cool.

For more info, go to the press release.