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The Kids are All Right on the Right Track

Posted July 26, 2010


Over at SpeakEasy, the Wall Street Journal film biz blog, Anthony Kaufmann looked at the continued success of Lisa Cholodenko’s family comedy The Kids Are All Right in a post entitled How The Kids Are All Right is Winning Over Summer Moviegoers.” As Kaufman points out, Kids is “is quickly becoming the indie hit of the summer,” winning over audiences slowly through a platform release and amazing word of mouth. Proof of this can be seen in the weekend rise of business. As Kaufman points out, “sales over the weekend increased significantly from Friday to Saturday by a sizeable 57%. (As comparison, the new Angelina Jolie action vehicle Salt increased just 6%.)” And while some of had try to make the film’s lesbian family into a controversy, nobody seems to notice. As Focus CEO James Schamus put it, “What’s controversial about a family struggling with kids going to college?”