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The Kids are All Right is real life in Philly

Posted August 05, 2010


In the blog The Philly Post from Philadelphia Magazine, mom/writer Gail Shister recounts having seen Lisa Cholodenko's comedy The Kids Are All Right with her daugher. The daughter, as Shister tells us, "has two lesbian moms. She was conceived through artificial insemination by an anonymous donor"  But the big isues for the mom was how the daugher saw the film:

After the movie, we headed to her apartment nearby. I asked her if she liked the film. She said yes, as did I. “The family with lesbian moms was just a regular family,” she said. “And they didn’t kill off the lesbians or give them some horrible disease.”

I hesitated before asking her the most important (to me) question.

“Did it make you want to find your donor dad?”