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T up for Beginners’ Mike Mills

Posted May 25, 2011


Up on The New York Times Style Magazine T online site is an interview with and video from Mike Mills. Yuri Chong speaks to writer/director Mike Mills about making Beginners, including how he came to incorporate the various drawings into the film. Many of the drawings are now incorporated in a book Mike Mills: Drawings from the Film Beginners, as well as few online animated films. On the T Magazine site, you can play his Men (also tilted The History of Love”)––which includes a chapter on the “New Romantic” seen above. About this video Mike comments: "It’s a simple story, and relates to one of the themes that my father and I used to talk about: men who ask for too much, and men who ask for too little. Since my father came from a 1920s perspective, I always felt like he asked for too little. I always ask for too much. And so, I’m exploring these themes through drawing and Oliver."