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SUNDANCE 2012: Focus Features Gets FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…

Posted January 24, 2012


Out of Sundance 2012, Focus Features has acquired fest favorite FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL..., a debut comedy from director Jamie Travis with a star-studded cast and a hilarious set up. The film, written by Lauren Anne Miller & Katie Anne Naylon, focuses on two women -- Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) -- who, short on cash, decide to share a New York apartment together. When Lauren realizes that Katie works as at-home phone-sex operator, she decides to join in, and the two  create a profitable business and lasting friendship. The cast also includes Justin Long, Mark Webber, James Wolk, and Nia Vardalos. Focus CEO James Schamus commented, "The FOR A GOOD TIME... team have crafted that rarest of combinations -- a wildly funny comedy that's also a genuine and heartfelt celebration of friendship and love. We're so proud to join them in bringing to the world a film that not only lifted its cheering audiences at Sundance to their feet, but lifted our spirits, too."  For full info, go to the official Press Release.