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Six Films That Almost Weren't

Posted January 08, 2009

The shot heard round the world

The shot heard 'round the world

Classic films, such as Star Wars, Jaws, Raiders of the Last Ark, Titanic, The Wizard of Oz and Apocalypse Now, are so threaded into the fabric of our lives that it would be hard to imagine our world with out them.  But as Jeff Kelly at points out these were “6 Classic Movies (That Narrowly Avoided Disaster).”  Hard to know how correct all of this is––it is “Cracked” after all––but the reasons are all entertaining.  Explaining the endless delays that hit Jaws, Kelly writes: “Spielberg wondered if he'd be fired from the project, and a demoralized crew nicknamed the film "Flaws." Really? That's the best they could come up with?”  And Kelly explains how a now classic scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark was tied up with why the film nearly collapsed: “Ford's bout with dysentery got so bad that at one point, he begged Spielberg to alter a fight scene for fear that the sight of feces running down Indiana's leg might not strike the right tone. Instead of fighting a swordsman, he suggested that he just pull a gun out and shoot the fucker.”