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Ryan Fleck makes The French Connection

Posted March 16, 2010


In the, film critic Philip French considers how he (and other film lovers) cherish particular scenes from film history. French loves the shower scene from Psycho––but then who doesn't? A panel of contemporary filmmakers singled out different, but no less memorable scenes from other films. Among the filmmakers, Ken Loach loves the bicycle scene from Jules et Jim, Shaun of the Dead Edgar Wright zeroed in on Carrie’s “Blood at the Prom” scene, Clair Denis loves the the opening scene from Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Also quoted is Ryan Fleck who (along with Anna Boden) is currently making It’s Kind of a Funny Story for Focus. He picked the "Subway Chase" scene from The French Connection. Remembering fondly action films before the advent of computer-generated effects, Fleck jokes about making films today (and in the process considers how his work on It's Kind of a Funny Story might have been different:

It was the kind of thing that you just would never get away with these days. I'm editing a movie right now that has a teenager walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, considering suicide. He steps out on to a ledge, over traffic… It never even occurred to put the actual kid out on the ledge, on a bridge, over traffic because we knew there was no way authorities would let us do that. So there's camera trickery. Back in the 70s we'd have just thrown a child out over the ledge, seen what happened, and shot it.